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"I can say with confidence that because of God and His presence here, relationships with my family have become more than I could have ever hoped for on my own, I have more Christian friends to encourage me in my spiritual walk than I can number (seriously!), and the privilege of continually seeing Jesus changing hearts around me is a blessing never worn out. By God’s endless grace I was introduced to Teens for Christ, and because of His grace I don’t have to imagine where I would be without the powerful influence He determined Teens for Christ to have on my life."



"Teens for Christ has impacted my life in so many ways. They're continually encouraging me to grow in my walk with God, not only the staff, but the teens as well. Through TFC I have learned how to truly be a leader, and show God's love to my friends.  TFC is a blast, and I can honestly say that without it I
would not be the same person I am today."





Mission Statement

Teens for Christ is dedicated to reaching teens with the gospel of Jesus Christ, helping them grow in the Lord, and guiding them as disciples for Jesus.

Teens For Christ is a non denominational youth ministry headquartered in Hudson, Wisconsin. We minister to and through teens in both eastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

We want to reach teens with the gospel and watch them grow in faith. Many youth ministries have these goals, but one thing unique to Teens For Christ is how we also work to put teens in positions where God is working through their lives, giving them ministries of their own.

Teens For Christ